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Many homeowners in the Los Angeles, Inglewood, Calabasas, Sherman Oaks, and Encino areas have pools in their backyard to help keep the summers more bearable and fun. However, a pool water leak can be costly and frustrating. A pool that leaks wastes a ton of water. This is neither ideal for your water bills nor for an area that’s prone to droughts. On top of that, ignoring a pool leak can cause other parts of your pool system, like your motor and pump, to fail. 

The experts at TNT N Plumbing are here to ensure your pool operates properly throughout hot California summers. Once you schedule an appointment, one of our technicians will head out to your location. They’ll identify the cause of your leakage, fixing it as quickly as possible. 

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Comprehensive Swimming Pool Repair Services

Pools typically leak where two materials meet, like near the drains or skimmer. Depending upon the surface type of your pool, it can also leak through cracks that appear in the finish of your pool. Pools that are equipped with vinyl liners can also tear, causing your pool to leak. 

One of our technicians will go to your location to evaluate your pool and the cause of the leak. Every member of our staff is highly trained in the latest technologies, including pressure testing and hearing equipment detectors that can easily locate where your pool is leaking. 

Some of the common signs of a swimming pool leak include:

Green water
Malfunctioning equipment
Puddles of water around your pool
Quickly decreasing water level
Hissing sounds as the air gets sucked into your pool's pipes
Visible leaks


Why TNT N Minutes Plumbing is the Best Choice

A pool leak can sometimes cause a chemical loss. As a result, your pool can’t stay clear, sanitary, and clean. Pool leaks can cause many costly issues. It’s important to contact a swimming pool plumbing company immediately if you notice any of the above signs. 

All of our plumbing experts have years of experience with swimming pool leak repair. No matter what your needs are, we have the skills and expertise to remedy your issue. Feel confident when you partner with TNT N Minutes Plumbing. 


How Our Process Works

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Our pool specialists will determine where and why your pool is leaking. We’ll work quickly to remedy the issue before it gets worse. 

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Cool off in the California heat in a pool that you know is free from leaks. 

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