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Waste substances that make their way down your drain can often end up creating a stoppage in your system. These include food waste (such as peels, scraps off your plate, grease, or oil) and bathroom waste (such as sanitary products, hair, diapers, facial wipes). The best way to avoid stoppages of this nature is to install drain filters that will only let water through and catch any waste material for you to remove and dispose of. Also, you should not flush anything down the toilet that is not toilet paper. If you still have issues with stoppages, then maybe you should look at the type of toilet paper you use and how much you use each time you flush the toilet – toilet paper that doesn’t dissolve could cause an issue once it is flushed.

Nature’s Influences
If you still have stoppages blocking your drains, there could be a few outside influences that are contributing to the problem. Tree roots often make their way into your outside drains and can block them up or break them, which will also cause a severe stoppage. A buildup of debris (such as leaves, dirt, mold, sticks, and insects) can contribute to stoppages

Damaged Pipes
Pipes that are made from galvanized steel or cast iron are known to degrade over time. When this happens, not only do the pipes breakdown but also the bits of pipe that get washed down the line can cause a major stoppage. It is important to get a stoppage cleared as soon as possible as blocked drains can overflow and become dangerous.

Whether there are roots in the sewer line, flushed objects, or broken drain lines, we can help you. Not only will we clear the stoppage, but we can also prevent it from recurring.