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Leaky pipes, low water pressure and discolored water running out your faucets are just a few of the reasons why you should call TNT-N-Minutes.

Yellow or rust-colored water can be a sign of old, deteriorating pipes. The plumbing systems installed in many older homes and buildings are made up of galvanized piping.

Galvanized pipes are iron pipes coated with zinc. Over time the zinc corrodes, exposing the raw iron to water causing the pipes to rust. Replace your old galvanized pipes
 with copper pipes or PEX pipes and enjoy clean, clear water, free from rust!

Low water pressure is often the result of one or more clogged pipes. As galvanized pipes age, rust and corrosion builds up on the inside of the pipes and constricts the flow of water.

Replace those old, deteriorated pipes with high-quality copper pipes
 or PEX piping and experience the powerful water pressure that you expect.