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How Garbage Disposals Work

Garbage disposals capture and store food in a chamber. When the disposer is switched on, impellers are activated to throw the food against a shredder ring similar to a cheese grater to pulverize it. Cold water from the faucet flushes out the waste.

Always use cold water with your disposal because it helps solidify grease and oil so they can be shredded and broken down into smaller, flushable pieces. Hot water, on the other hand, will liquefy them and if these substances accumulate, the drain can clog.

Garbage Disposals Require Simple Maintenance

Garbage disposals are pretty easy to maintain. The most important thing to remember is that they are really food disposals. Items that would otherwise go in the garbage should not be placed in your disposal. This includes glass, plastic, metals (yes, silverware), paper, anything combustible, bleach, drain cleaners, and toys.

The more often a garbage disposal is used (correctly), the more effectively it will grind food waste and resist rusting. You can keep odors away by grinding up lemon or orange peels inside it. Harder materials, like eggshells and fish bones, scour the disposal walls and help keep them clean as well.

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Comprehensive Sink Disposal Repair Services

The first thing you should check if your garbage disposal stops working is if the circuit breaker has been tripped. There is often a separate circuit breaker located directly on the disposal. You can identify it by its red “reset” button. 

If resetting the breaker fixes your problem, that’s great! If it trips it again or it still doesn’t work after evaluating the circuit breaker, you might have another plumbing issue and need to call a Calabasas plumber. 

Water not draining
Leaks underneath the disposal
Disposal runs but then shuts off
Grinding noises
Doesn't grind properly


Trust a Reputable Los Angeles Plumber

Garbage disposals are an essential appliance for your kitchen, making cleanup quick and easy. When your disposal stops working and you need to call an Inglewood plumber, that’s when you realize how important this appliance is to your household. 

At TNT N Minutes Plumbing, our experienced plumbers have the skills and expertise to fix garbage disposals. Whether you want to schedule an upcoming appointment or are in need of a 24/7 emergency plumber, our team of technicians is here to help.


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Our plumbers will either repair or replace your garbage disposal, depending upon what issue there is. 

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