Earthquake Gas Shut-Off Valve

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Manual Shut Off Valves

These valves can be turned on or off by hand, making them ideal for use in emergencies. However, they do not provide a reliable method for turning gas on or off daily.

Automatic Shut Off Valves

These earthquake shutoff valves have sensors that can detect earthquake activity, and they can shut themselves off in the event of an earthquake. However, these devices tend to be expensive and require regular inspections.

Electronic Shut Off Valves

These earthquake gas shut off valves are wired into the electrical system of your home or business. This allows them to be turned on and off remotely. However, they require a reliable source of electricity to function properly. That can be a backup battery or other solutions such as generators but maintenance is required to keep them automatically operational.

Excess-Flow Valve

The earthquake shut-off valve will shut off your natural gas service when a significant leak or overpressure surge occurs at a pipe, or where an appliance is located beyond the location of the valve installation.

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