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Potential Causes of Clogged Drains

Your home’s dishwasher and ice maker are connected to your sink’s water supply line and drainage system. If your water supply line gets clogged, your dishwasher and ice maker might not get enough water. 

As a result, your dishwasher can’t clean your dishes properly and you won’t get enough water to your refrigerator to make ice. Additionally, if your kitchen sink’s drain gets clogged, the dishwasher’s dirty water won’t drain properly. 

Our ice plumbers have the skills and expertise to identify the cause of your issues and conduct any necessary refrigerator water line repair services. Contact an Inglewood plumber immediately to fix your problem.

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Comprehensive Kitchen Plumbing Services

If you’re having problems with your current system or need ice maker line installation, TNT N Minutes is here to help. We’ll find the source of your problem within the dishwasher water line, repairing or replacing it as needed. 

Maybe you upgraded your fridge and now have one equipped with an ice maker. We’ll come out to your location and connect the water line to your fridge, ensuring you have as much ice as you need.


How Our Process Works

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We Evaluate Your Dishwasher and Ice Maker Plumbing

One of our dishwasher line specialists will visit your location and examine your kitchen plumbing. 

We'll Fix the Issue

Whether you need minor repairs or replacement services, we have the expertise to fix the problem as soon as possible. 

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